Our story begins freshman year…

Nick and Melissa met at John Carroll University freshman year living in Murphy Hall. Studying into the night with fellow Biology students lead to a friendship that would later change our lives forever.

It went a little something like this…

“Hi I’m Melissa!” -Melissa

“Hi, didn’t you go to my high school?” -Nick

“uhh No, I’m from Washington State… (awkward glance)” ‘-Melissa

“oh..” -Nick

As the months passed we struggled our way through Biology and eventually decided 1) to both change majors and 2) to become a couple.

March 14th, 2008

“Nick asked me to be his girlfriend on March 14, 2008, in the secret laundry room in Murphy Hall. For those of you from JCU, that laundry room is sadly no longer there. He decorated the room with glow in the dark stars and coordinated the song “Yellow” by Coldplay to start when I walked into the room. A hilarious and romantic poem later…we became a couple.” -Melissa

“I asked Melissa to be my girlfriend on March 14, 2008.  I Googled several ways to do such a thing and learned that childish methods were popular and often seen as romantic.  It took several days to find glow in the dark stars.  (I ended up using glow in the dark beads ha ha).  I left my laptop in the secret laundry room under a chair and planned on using a remote to turn on the music.  Suitemate Brandon was supposed to check every 20 minutes that no one stole it, as was a trending act that year.  The remote didn’t work so we had to take a date timeout.  Like hey, I have a really cool surprise but just hang on a sec so I can fix it.  We danced to ‘Yellow’ because it worked with the glow in the dark stars.

It took a while to write an appropriate poem for the occasion.  I’m not a great writer, but a simple analysis showed that asking-out poems are most effective when they are 30% inside jokes, 20% additional external jokes, 20% these-are-things-I-really-like-about-you’s, 10% remember-when’s, and 20% articles, adjectives and disconnected lines that were used for pure rhymage.  Just kidding about that.  I’m glad Melissa accepted my proposal, and admitted to assuming she thought we were already dating since it took so long to ask.” -Nick


One thought on “Our story begins freshman year…

  1. Awww I love you guys! Nick your girlfriend research is absolutely hilarious and adorable, ya nerd! Mel I can just hear your voice and SEE your face when Nick asked if you went to his high school (awkward glance). AHAHHA! I am so so excited to see you both this June!

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