Bridesmaid Update

Little late on the update but still of interest 🙂

Surprisingly (to me at least) I’ve had the hardest time trying to pick bridesmaid dresses. I was extremely indecisive about the color cut fabric style.. everything! Honestly, designers have done such a great job (granted not all of them…) that I had to many great options to choose from. Last weekend with the help of Heather and Alex, we were able to finalize a color and dress! So thankful to have the set and so excited to see them on everyone.

Bridesmaid dresses are from the same designer that made my wedding dress, the lovely Laura Smith of A Brides Design. Be sure to check out her boutique if you are planning a wedding because everything is so gorgeous you will be sure to fall in love with something.

Side note: I am having a sugar craving today so these are the AMAZING cupcake flavors that will be at the wedding from Main Street Cupcakes 🙂 *drool

–          Wedding day White

–          French Toast

–          Chocolate Peanut Butter

–          Pumpkin Spice

–          Half Baked!!!


One thought on “Bridesmaid Update

  1. dresses are beautiful! can’t wait to see the finished products!
    and super pumped for those main street cupcakes, all those sound delicious!! so excited for june 1st!

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